The nation of Transfatylvania, is one that not many people know about. Mainly due to Transatlantic Telegraph Wire.Transfatylvania is a small brutal dictatorship, that has the esteemed privilege of having the title of "Most Horrible Country in the World." A place where the Cold War never thawed, where swearing at each other with mouthfuls of food is our national pastime, and the population is made up of morbidly obese, anthropomorphic talking reptiles. How did a bunch of reptiles learn to talk, walk upright and integrate into human society? Lots of folks say it was Chernobyl, but we blame the Furry community. Transfatylvania is rich with saturated fat and history. You will also find that unlike the history of Belgium, our history is historical. Yes. We're just kidding you. There is no actual historical record of Belgium. Ha, got you! But seriously, be edjukayshunal for a minute and peruse the site as you enter the world of Transfatylvania! Enjoy your stay...Fat chance!

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